Agriculture Seeds

Agriculture Seeds

Our product range includes a wide range of drumstick seeds, moringa seeds, stevia seeds and tulsi seeds.

Drumstick Seeds

ODC3 is a Selective of ODC variety Drumstick evolved by a group of progressive Agricultural Scientist. We visited a number of ODC drumstick farms located in different states of India, from these farms we brought 45 samples and planted on our own farm. We observed different characteristic of plants i.e. flowering season, fertilizer application, water requirement, fruit set, taste, size, weight and yield. Through this search, we had selected few plants of having special characteristics, which are demands in India & abroad market. Now we have around 32000 plants.

Moringa Seeds

The seeds are rather unique in appearance; with grey-ish white ‘wings’ surrounding them. However, just like other seeds, Moringa seeds can be eaten like nuts and added to cereals and trail mixes. When mixed with grains and hemp seeds, the Moringa seeds will give you a boost of energy. Alternatively, if you are able to find fresh moringa seeds in your local health shop, serve them boiled like peas with main meals. They can also be steamed or roasted for stews and sauces. moringa seeds has been found as a potent anticancer plant and several bioactive compounds with significant antitumor activity have been discovered from moringa seeds .

Stevia Seeds

stevia seeds tends to be spotty, so keep seed-sown plants under bright lights until the weather warms in spring. Look for stevia plants in the herbs section at garden centers, or locate mail-order suppliers using our Seed and Plant Finder. Adding a layer of compost or your favorite mulch around each stevia plant will help keep the shallow feeder roots from drying out. Stevia plants respond well to fertilizers with a lower nitrogen content than the fertilizer’s phosphoric acid or potash content. Most organic fertilizers would work well, since they release nitrogen slowly.

Tulsi Seeds

Tulsi, which is common in every Indian household and credited for its immunity-boosting properties. The herbs of the basil plant are known to very healthy and so are the seeds. Soaking Tulsi seeds in water at night and consuming it in the morning along with milk will surely give you relief from mouth ulcers. I have tried this and it has benefited me by giving immediate relief.