Drumstick Seed (ODC3)

ODC3 is a Selective of ODC variety Drumstick evolved by a group of progressive Agricultural Scientist. We visited a number of ODC drumstick farms located in different states of India, from these farms we brought 45 samples and planted on our own farm. We observed different characteristic of plants i.e. flowering season, fertilizer application, water requirement, fruit set, taste, size, weight and yield. Through this search, we had selected few plants of having special characteristics, which are demands in India & abroad market. Now we have around 32000 plants.

Require less water and fertilizer
Good for medium soil land
Longer shelf life
pods are dark green in colour, 2 to 2.5 feet in length
pods are soft and testy

Good colour and medium size so market demand will be high
The first yield starts in 6 months after plantation gives commercial yield up to 10 Years.
Flowers two times in a year (4+4 months yield in a year )
Any time cultivation accordingly market observation
Good self-life than PKM series so market /export demand will be high.
High-density plantation possible (5×7 Foot, 1244 tree in 1 Acre)

Germination depends on suitable climate, suitable temperature, preparation of soil, however, we assure you for 95-100 % germination.
Product colour, count and shape can slightly vary than image shown.
We send through Indian Speed Post. It takes 2 days to 7 days, except Sunday and National Holidays, depending on your location.
We ship it all over India.
We will send you the tracking number as soon as the goods will be shipped to you.