About Moringa Products

Moringa, commonly known as Drumstrick, is an organic, medicinal plant that is a rich source of vitamins and nutrients. It has high levels of Vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, iron and protein with high bioavailability. It also contains over 40 antioxidants and 539 compounds that are reported to prevent 300 diseases and maladies according to the traditional Indian and African medicine called Ayurveda.
✓ 46 Antioxidants
✓ 20 Amino Acids
✓ 36 Anti-inflammatory compounds
✓ MORE Essential Omega Oils

I certainly have, as have other members of my family! Everyone else says that eating Moringa gives them sustained energy, all day long. I have always had a LOT of energy, so I cannot testify to that, but, I have noticed that my family’s hair is growing by leaps and bounds, and slowly returning to its original color and texture. One of the members in the family has lots of new hair growing in areas where there should be hair – that he has not had for about 20 years! We also noticed that after we eat a good-sized serving of it, it appears to act as a vascodilator, because we can see our veins “pulsing”, sort of like”niacin flush”. That is usually indicative of a cleansing of the veins and arteries. We have had customers tell us, that they have lost extra pounds, since they have been using Moringa, some no longer feel tired and drained, several of them swear by it, for their diabetes. Google Moringa, and you can read all about how eating Moringa has changed people’s lives.

Moringa is one of the most nutritious plants known to exist. Its long list of components goes from vitamins, anti-oxidants, amino acids, and much more providing several benefits to the body.
There are several ways to use Moringa. You can use the seeds, the leaves, the roots, the pods and all its parts! However, scientific studies have proven that the dried Moringa Leaf Powder contains the highest nutritional value versus other Moringa forms. For those people who dislike the powder’s taste, the next option will be the tablets. The general potency of these tablets is around 500mg. The recommended dosage is 2-4 tablets daily.
In order to get the best out of Ankh Rah high-quality Moringa Leaf Powder, don’t expose it to too much heat as it burns out the nutritious enzymes in it.
a. Put 1 teaspoon of Ankh Rah Moringa Leaf Powder in a cup.
b. Fill ¼ of the cup with lukewarm water.
c. Add hot water (but should not be at boiling point) and stir.
d. Add honey or agave syrup to sweeten.
f. Enjoy a refreshing cup of Moringa!

6. Why should I eat Moringa?
Well, in this day of “instant everything”, it is difficult to get raw, vital enzymes, vitamins, and minerals into your body. Moringa leaves contain INTENSE nutrition, and proportionately they pack more Vitamin C than citrus, more Vitamin A than spinach, and a whole lot more. They are one of the rare things that vegetarians can eat, that will supply all of the essential amino acids that your body needs, and a whole lot more that are considered to be non-essential to life. Adding Moringa to your diet is one way to insure a daily dose of intense nutrition, in an enjoyable-to-eat form.

7. How tall can I expect my Moringa trees to get?
Well, now, that all depends on where you live, where you plant them, how you plant them, what soil you plant them in, what container you plant them in, and how much sunlight, heat, and water they receive. Moringa trees CAN grow to be as large as some oak trees, but we recommend that you prune them back often, and heavily. We like to maintain ours at a height of about 6 – 12 feet, so we can easily reap their abundant harvest. The more you pinch back their tops, and cut back the branches, the bushier they become, and the more leaves, flower blossoms, and buds they will produce. Leave some of the flowers on them, if you want to have pods.

After you start taking Moringa, your body will adapt to it slowly. You will start to feel more energetic throughout the day. For most people, it takes about 1-2 weeks of consistent consumption to feel the difference. This really depends on the current state of your body. If you are an overall healthy person, you will feel the amazing effects after 2 or 3 weeks of taking the Moringa. But if you take a break, you may not experience the effects immediately.
9. How do you eat Moringa?
WE eat Moringa in lots of different ways. The leaves of Moringa can be eaten raw, right from the trees, or lightly sauteéd in olive oil, extra-virgin coconut oil, or butter. We add Moringa leaves to just about everything imaginable – pizza, salad, soup, meatloaf, scrambled eggs, quiche, chili, omelettes, dips – you name it! Moringa combines well with garlic, onions, mushrooms, meatless main dishes, chicken in any form, turkey dressing, Kashi, quinoa, amaranth, chia, rice, wild rice, potatoes, eggs, cheese, fish, black beans, hummus – the list is endless. If you want to add Moringa Leaf Powder to your diet, the way we like it the best is in guacamolé, dips, or salad dressing.

10.What other parts of the tree are edible?
All of the Moringa tree is edible, however, WE DO NOT WANT our customers eating the root! See #2, above. Moringa flower blossoms and buds are also edible, but some say they should be cooked. Collect enough of them, and you will enjoy one of the most delectable “vegetables” imaginable! Take it easy, eating the Moringa flowers. We find them to be laxative, if more than about 1/4 cup is eaten at one time. Very young Moringa pods are excellent eating, when they are about the size of string beans. After that, they get “woody” and “stringy”, and will require additional cooking time. Moringa seeds can be fried in a little oil – sometimes they “pop” just like popcorn. Add salt, and eat a few at a time, as they are intensely cleansing!

50 grams Moringa Oleifera Seeds are in a stand-up pouch. After chewing the seeds, drink water. You will taste a bittersweet taste in the water due to the purification effect of the seeds, which then will go straight to your bloodstream.
1. Break the shell of the seed.
2. Take the seed outside of the shell.
3. Chew the seed like a nut.
For best effects, drink water after chewing and see the difference.
Do not consume more than 6 seeds per day if you’re body is not used to Moringa.
Take it gradually.

12. I live where it is REALLY cold. How can I grow enough Moringa to eat?
If your weather really never warms up, you can still enjoy Moringa. It won’t be quite as easy, but if you have a room in your home that is at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit, year-round, you can grow enough Moringa to eat its harvest.
You will have to keep plant lights on them, and keep the Moringas as warm as possible. To have enough leaves to eat, you will have to have at least 5 trees growing, that you keep at a managable 6 – 12 foot maximum height. If you diligently use an organic fertilizer, and provide enough warmth, water, and light – your Moringas will reward you with as many fresh leaves as you can possibly eat.

13. Is it safe to eat the buds, or the blossoms – flowers – of Moringa trees?
Due to some information that we have read, if pregnant mothers consume a lot of the flowers, there is a possibility that the flowers can act as an abortificant. We do not know that to be true, but it very well MAY be, so if you are in that category – do not eat them.
Other than expectant mothers, anyone else should simply eat small quantites of the flowers, as eating too many can have a laxative effect.

14. How long does it take for the trees to produce pods?
Our experience has been, that we have pods that start appearing on our trees, about 6-7 months after we plant the seeds. We live in a very warm climate, with a lot of sunshine and rain, and loose, sandy loam. In other areas, it would be reasonable to expect it to take a lot longer.
If you are growing Moringa as an annual, you may never get pods from them, as you may not have a long enough growing season. If you are fortunate enough to grow them in northern areas in a greenhouse, you should have pods reasonably, within about 8 months from when you planted the seeds.
You will find that most of the questions you might have about Moringa, are answered somewhere on the site. Use the search box at the top right, or the links on the right.
If you really cannot find out what you would like to know – contact us!

During the 1st days of taking Moringa, you may experience nausea or flu-like symptoms. This is because Moringa will break down fats in the body by releasing antioxidants, antipathogens, detoxifiers, and chlorophyll to the bloodstream. Dormant toxins will react defensively to these new substances as if it’s under attack. Just continue taking it. The body will adapt to Moringa slowly. It will gradually show its great and beneficial effects. Other symptoms include: Diarrhea, headache and flu-like symptoms

16. Is your Moringa genetically modified?
No. Moringa oleifera is beneficial in its natural form and does not need to be genetically modified at any level. Studies in animals show genetically modified food can cause abnormalities in adults and children, and can be harmful to health. Our Moringa is grown in a natural, sustainable environment. It is pesticide, herbicide, and chemical-free, so you can rest assured it is safe to consume.

17. How much Moringa should I take each day?
We recommend two capsules in the morning with breakfast and two in the evening with your evening meal. For powder, use one teaspoon twice daily.

18. Do I need a prescription for Moringa?
No, you don’t. It is a completely safe and natural product, which contains ingredients your body will recognize for their nutritive value. Moringa is one of the few plants that can be consumed by the entire family. In fact, the World Health Organization recommends feeding malnourished infants and children Moringa on a daily basis. If you are concerned or suffer from a medical disability, we recommend you speak to your health care practitioner before consuming Moringa products.

19.What are some of the health benefits to consuming Moringa?
There are many health benefits to consuming Moringa, which is why it has earned the title of a super food, and is also sometimes known as The Miracle Tree, or the Tree of Life. While the benefits vary in degree from person to person, our customers have reported improvement in digestion, vision, energy levels, mental clarity, and overall well being. They also use Moringa to support a healthy blood sugar level, as a nutritional support for diabetes, and as an overall health and wellness supplement.

20. Do you ship to all over the world?
Yes. Our customers are located in many different countries, and we ship across the globe. For more information, please visit our Shipping Policy section.

21.Do you offer a guarantee on your products?
We know you’ll love our products–they are safe, healthy, and easy to utilize. But if for some reason you’re not satisfied, we offer an unconditional, money-back guarantee for purchases returned within 30 days, minus return shipping cost.

22. Can Moringa cure my illness or disease?
Moringa is a food and nutritional supplement and does not lay claim to cure or prevent any illness or disease. The FDA approves drugs to offer these benefits. Moringa is not a drug. Many of our customers consume it to support a healthy blood sugar level, as a nutritional support for diabetes, and as an overall wellness supplement.

23. Are there any side effects I may experience?
Moringa is chock full of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and amino acids. According to the International Organization, Trees for Life, extensive research conducted at the Noguchi Memorial Medical Research Centre in Ghana has found that its leaf powder has no toxic elements and no side effects were observed even in families consuming high amounts of Moringa.
However, each person is unique and responds differently. If you do suffer any side effects, they may range from mild headaches and upset stomachs, to nausea. This is simply the result of toxins being eliminated from your body. Gradually, these side effects should disappear.

24.Is your Moringa USDA Certified Organic?
Yes, all of our moringa is USDA Certified Organic.

25.Are your products gluten and monosodium glutamate (MSG) free?
Yes, our products are 100% free of gluten and monosodium glutamate (MSG).

26.Is your Moringa powder certified organic?
We have both conventional and Certified Organic. Our conventional Moringa is grown, shade dried, ground, and packed In India. But the final processing, including encapsulating, bagging and labeling, is completed here, to ensure that this meets with our highest level of phytosanitary protocols.