Fodder Seeds

Fodder Seeds

Pioneers in the industry, we offer super napier pakchong (fodder crop) and hybrid napier grass co5 (fodder seeds) from India.

Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 (Fodder Seeds)

As the Hybrid Napier is one of the widely cultivated fodder grasses, in this introductory session the Package of Practices of the cultivation of Hybrid Napier Grass in 1 acre land is detailed. Hybrid Napier is a perennial grass which can be retained on field for 2-3 years. Compared to Napier grass, Hybrid Napier produces numerous leaves. It has larger leaves, softer and less persistent hairs of leaf blades and sheaths and less sharp leaf edges. The hybrid that should be used is COFS29. Usually cereals are a single harvest crops but COFS29 is a multicut hybrid variety developed by TNAU. This grass grows throughout the year and it can be grown on a variety of soils.Compared to other fodder crops Hybrid Napier CO5 grass is a perennial grass which can be retained on field for 4 to 5 years. Hybrid Napier CO5 grass produces numerous leaves.

Super Napier Pakchong (Fodder Seeds)

SUPER NAPIER — The Department of Livestock Development in Thailand has come out with a new hybrid napier that is so outstanding, it might as well be called Super Napier. This new napier grows very fast. The 59-days-old plants in photo are already about 10 feet tall. One hectare of this Super Napier can produce 500 tons, harvested four times in one year. We imported Super Napier Pakchong 1 cuttings from Thailand and delevoped in our farm.. This Pakchong1 Super Napier has made revolation in fodder needs of Thailand, Philippines, Laos, Malaysia and nearby countries. the Super Napier is claimed to contain 16-18 percent crude protein, which is considered very high. This is very important, especially for dairy animals that have to be nourished adequately in order to produce more milk.