SUPER Napier Pakchong 1



SUPER Napier Pakchong a Hybrid Napier Grass obtained by crossing Elephant Grass and Pearl Millet developed in Thailand by Dr. Krailas K yiothong. It is Forage uses for LiveStock, Poultry & Biomass.

SUPER Napier Pakchong smooth,juicy and very consumable grass high in moisture content.

The main advantage of Pakchong1 Super Napier are
1. Pakchong1 Super Napier is the only variety in Asia giving highest crude protein (14-18%)
2. Pakchong1 Super Napier can give yield of 200 Tons per acre per year which makes it as “King of Napiers” in Asia.
3. 180 Tons per acre per year means a dairy farmer can easily rear 15 cows in one acre of land.
4. Farmers can save huge money because of high protein content (14-18%).
5. Highly suitable for silage because Pakchong1 Super Napier has WSC 18 (water-soluble carbohydrate), so no need to add any additives while making silage.

Yield: Fresh  450 – 500 Tons/hectare/year


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