African Tall Fodder Maize


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  • African tall maize / Fodder maize (Zea mays) is green fodder, having more dry matter (17.65 %), crude protein content (11-13 %) and more number of leaves / plant
  • It’s growing most favorable temperature range is 20 oC-35 oC, Seed rate is 16 kg/acre, spacing is 30 x 15 cm, Plant height is 9-11 feet’s, Green fodder yield is 16 t/acre
  • Harvest the crop when the cob is in the milky stage (harvest at 60-75 days)
  • Highly uses for green fodder, silage, stacks, maize flour and etc
  • Good fodder to cow, buffalo, goat & sheep

1. The crop is ready for harvest at silk stage for fodder purpose, which continues up to milk stage. The early harvesting though produce good quality fodder but yield is reduced. In case of late harvesting, the fodder quality is impaired.

2. It’s suitable for mixed cropping. When sown mixed with Cowpea, use 12 kg seed of Cowpea and 12 kg of Maize per acre should be sown in paired alternate rows (2:2).

3. Silage: Its acts as a FODDER BANK which ones made could be used round the year. Silage is as nutritious as green fodders because it preserves the nutrients in their original form and hence it’s as good for animal feeding as green forages itself.


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