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  • Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits of Ajwain

    • Methoxsalen drug is prepared using ajwain extract. It is available in different formats such as capsules, topical cream used to treat skin problems like vitiligo (partial loss of skin pigmentation) psoriasis.
    • From ancient times, Ajwain is used to prepare herbal formulations as they believed it could balance the body system.
    • Ajwain has excellent healing and curative qualities.
    • Ajwain is a good source of soluble dietary fiber, and it is known to enhance the digestive system for stomach issues, improving intestine health. They also help in relieving the bloating.
    • Ajwain seeds are beneficial in treating spasmodic pains, abdominal discomfort due to indigestion, heartburn, and loss of appetite.
    • Ajwain n excellent source of antioxidants, and therefore it is a boon for heart patients. The antioxidants can manage excellent and bad cholesterol in the body and thus prevent heart diseases.
    • Ajwain seeds possess antibacterial and antifungal activity, and therefore it helps fight against bacteria like salmonella, E Coli, and fungi to prevent food poisoning and GI problems.
    • Ajwain extracts contain major chemical compounds that block calcium channels, which may further lower blood pressure levels.
    • Chewing of Ajwain is the best practice to eliminate problems like indigestion and flatulence, causing effects of beans.
    • Ajwain tea is very beneficial to treat diarrhea, dysentery, spasmodic pain.
    • Ajwain oil is prepared by steam distillation process, and it is very effective in treating rheumatic pain and therefore applied topically.
    • The combination of Ajwain and Ginger extract seems to more effective for treating respiratory ailments like asthma and bronchitis.
    • Ajwain seeds are known to improve the airflow and functioning of the lungs.
    • Ajwain has the broncho-dilating effect, which helps dilate the bronchial tubes in the lungs to provide relief from mild asthma.
    • Ajwain seed water is a great mouth wash, and this can help in maintaining good oral hygiene.
    • Ajwain is beneficial in resolving indigestion problems of pregnant ladies; it helps in cleaning the uterus and stomach, which further solves irregular periods problem.
    • Drinking ajwain water regularly is beneficial for enhancing the rate of metabolism, which helps burn body fat.
    • Ajwain seeds have antibiotic properties, and this is beneficial in reducing redness and combat inflammation.
    • Due to the anesthetic properties of Ajwain, it helps in soothing the pain and swelling.
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