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  • Alfalfa, also called lucerne and called Medicago sativa in binomial nomenclature, is a perennial flowering plant in the legume family Fabaceae. It is cultivated as an important forage crop in many countries around the world. It is used for grazing, hay, and silage, as well as a green manure and cover crop.
  • Alfalfa, also known as lucerne or Medicago sativa, is a plant that has been grown as feed for livestock for hundreds of years. It was long prized for its superior content of vitamins, minerals and protein, compared to other feed sources.
  • Perennial character (8-9 harvests per year). It’s good quality seeds, without the seeds of cuscuta (a weed).
  • Seed rate is 6.5-7 kg/acre, Good seed germination (95 %) & Average green fodder yield is 80-90 t/ha/year. Good green fodder to Cow, Horse, Mulch cattle, Buffalo, Goat, Rabbit & Sheep.
  • HOW TO GROW: Mix Manure with soil (30:70),and this will help in germination of seeds. Care needs to be taken to see that the soil is clean from any weed or insect.Open the seed packet on a sheet of paper and put the seeds into the prepared soil to half inch of depth. While watering, sprinkling water through a sprinkler or manually using your hands.Germination may take place 10-18 days.Then you may transplant the seedlings to various pots or desired areas.

Alfalfa/Lucerne/Kuthiraimasal (Medicago sativa) is referred to as “Queen of Forages”. It provides a high quality of green fodder, improves animal health & milk improvement, semen count, body weight in nature and feed supplementary for off-season. It’s good drought tolerance and well suited to irregular rainfall areas. Also used for Silage and Hydroponic purpose. Crop having more number of branches (12-15) per plant, plant height is 70-80 cm with soft and dark green leaves. It’s having high crude protein (23.5-25 %) & more dry matter percent (18-20 %). Perennial character (8-9 harvests per year). Generally maintain spacing is 40×25 cm (like gap of row to row is 40 cm and plant to plant is 25 cm or 1 feet). Irrigation follows immediately after sowing and life/second irrigation on 3rd day from date of sowing, then irrigate once in 10 days (depending on soil conditions). Seed rate is 6.5-7 kg/acre. Conduct on first harvest 70-75th days after sowing, then subsequent harvest 30-35 days once. It’s also a source of Protein, Dry matter, Calcium, Phosphorus & Vitamin A & D. preferred by Cow, Horse, Mulch cattle, Buffalo, Goat, Rabbit & Sheep. Average green fodder yield is 80-90 t/ha/yr. Note: Good germination at temperature ranges between 15 oC to 34 oC and above 34 oC area farming locations farmer only try to Inter-crop or/and more water facilities having farmers. Seed size are small in nature so farmers should follow, 1:2 (Seed: Sand soil) ratio mix properly then directly sow (Line) to field. Its best for both an Inter-crop like inter-cultivation between coconut tree plants (any orchard) and Pure-crop likes fine field, unperformed/waste land and low rainfall areas (drought tolerating crop).

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