Beauveria Bassiana Bio -Nematodes Controlling Fungus Powder Pack of 2.5 kg


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This fungus can be very virulent when applied in optimal conditions, using the right mixing and application techniques. For best results in applying Beauveria bassiana :Beauveria bassiana should be used as prevention rather than a cure. Due to the infection incubation period, it takes several days to kill pests. The best practice is to start foliar applications at the beginning of the season, when you receive the plants, or on cuttings before pests first appear. You can even do soakings. Beauveria bassiana spores are very sensitive to UV rays. For this reason, we advise you to apply this product in the late afternoon or evening. You can also do foliar application on cloudy or rainy days. Beauveria bassiana is a fungus, it prefers a humid environment. We recommend maintaining the relative humidity at 60% or higher during foliar applications. With the right level of humidity, once the infected insect is dead, the fungus’ mycelium will emerge from the pest’s different sutures. The white filaments look a bit like cotton fluff. If a healthy insect comes into contact with the mycelium, it will also get infected and die. Note that poor conditions (e.g. not humid enough, too hot, UV exposure) can stop the mycelium from developing outside the contaminated insect. High temperatures can reduce the viability of the spores. Optimal application temperatures are between 18 and 29 ºC. Spores develop more slowly below 15 ºC and become inactive above 33 ºC. Never mix with hot water!

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