Calcium Block lick for Animals Packaging Size: 2 kg pack of 2

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  • Calcium with Mineral Salt Lick Block for Cattle & Goats Each kg. contains : a) Calcium – 3 gm. b) Phosphorus – 1 gm. c) Iron – 800 mg. d) Sodium – 320 gm. e) Magnesium – 11.5 mg. f) Iodine – 60 mg. g) Manganese – 1.5 gm. h) Cobalt – 40 mg. i) Zinc – 650 mg. j) Selenium – 21 mg. k) Copper – 350 mg.
  • Helps reduce boredom while giving your Animal the nutrients they need. Rich in valuable minerals essential to your animal’s health and vitality
  • Contains 84 minerals that are essential for healthy lives, including calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium. When animals ingest the salt and minerals, it helps maintain strong bones and muscular strength, provides relief from tired and aching bones, and improve blood and heart health. The pink color indicates the high mineral content.
  • Has to be hanged using a rope in the hole found at the middle of the block and should be kept hanging at a height where the animal can comfortably lick the block.
  • Licks by its own instinct and stays away when it does not require
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