Hadjod/Cissus quadrangularis/Pirandai Powder 1 Kg for Bone & Joint Wellness


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Cissus Quadranglaris Powder is the powdered form of hadjod or pirandai and has multiple healthy and nutritional properties. It is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, zinc, and sodium. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Key Ingredients:

  • Hadjod

Key Benefits:

  • Has essential vitamins and minerals as well as beneficial bioactive constituents
  • It also contains anabolic steroids, resveratrol, and flavonoids
  • Helps in strengthening bones and joints
  • Regulates digestion and promotes weight loss
  • Helps in treating dental infections

Directions For Use:

  • Consume 1/4 tsp (3-5 gm) with lukewarm water after a meal
  • Or as directed by your healthcare provider

Safety Information:

  • Store in a cool and dry place, below 25° C
  • Protect from direct sunlight, heat and moisture
  • Read the label carefully before using
  • Keep away from children

Also known as:
Hadjod, bonesetter, cissus quadrangularis, haadjodaa, bone setter, haadsaankal, hadjoda, sunduballi, piranta, kaandvel, hadajoda, pirantai, nalleru

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