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It is an extremely powerful flowering stimulator, formulated to trigger effective flowering and weight gain during the bloom/fruiting cycle. Green bloom helps to maintain the continuous flowering which ultimately increases the yield. It  increases the number of buds and flower holding capacity of the plants and efficiently converts the flowers in to fruits.

It efficiently helps the plant to induce flowers continuously. It encourages photosynthesis and chlorophyll production, aiding in vertical growth of foliage and reproductive growth of the plant. It promotes the production of healthy buds and flower sites, as well as plays an important role in metabolism, conversion of energy, cell division and growth.

Product Description Based on Organic Nitro Aeromatic Group ( Nitro Benzene ).

It helps in production of auxins,cytokenins & gibberillins.

Enhances & balances plant metabolism.

Induces pollination & flowering activity.

Induces Fruit formation & Retention.

Reduces Fruit and flower drop,improves quality of yield.

Benefits of Our Flower Booster :

  • It has the ability to increase flower production.
  • It keeps the plants healthy, greener and attractive.
  • It increases the plant size and number of flowers per plant.
  • It imparts original color and aroma to the flowers.
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