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Himalayan rock salt, mined in the Himalayas, is a great way of boosting your animal’s efficiency.

It is particularly important for cattle, as it provides them with a range of vital minerals, with results showing it greatly improves the overall health of cattle

The salt encourages saliva flow, which then helps increase the ph of your animal’s rumen. Sodium, of course, is an essential element in the diet in most animals, including cattle.

There are many benefits, the first of which is increased milk yields. This is why dairy farmers are increasingly using the supplement, with trials showing it can increase yields by almost 13%

Another benefit is that it helps animals get more out of their feed. That is when given Rock Salt, they are better able to digest the feed and make the most of its nutritional value. In dairy cows, the salt actually helps balance the sodium-potassium ration in their diets.

Cattle only require approximately 10kgs a year of salt in their diets, with prices varying from  40 – 60 rs per animal each month. As the mineral comes in the form of a rock, all that is required is to let your cattle lick the rock a few times. It can also be bought, quite conveniently, in the shape of a salt-soaked silage pit cover. , This means farmers can have better control of rations.

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