Mulethi Root/Athimathuram/Licorice Powder – 1 Kg – for Face, Skin, Hair Care Powder


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  • The root of licorice is known for its antihistamine properties and gives instant relief to asthmatic patients
  • Its natural expectorant properties help in loosening the thick mucus and getting relief from membrane
  • Several research papers worldwide vouch by its antioxidant, antiulcer properties that help in reducing inflammations
  • The essential oil of licorice root exhibits anti-fungal, anti-cancerous properties
  • It is a wonder root for those suffering from severe constipation. The powder is quite muco-protective and helps in healing fissures and acts as a laxative
  • Stressed out? Consume licorice root or leaf extracts to stimulate your adrenaline gland for healthy levels of cortisol in your body
  • Athimadhuram offers several beauty benefits too. The powder aids in good hair growth and treats dandruff. Just add 1 tsp of licorice root powder to your hair pack and wash it after an hour for that luscious hair
  • The leaves of licorice provide instant relief from itchy, scaly skin. Grind the leaves of licorice into a paste and apply it on the affected area. Wash it after 15 minutes for relief from itchy skin
  • The skin pigmentation gradually reduces with regular use of licorice leaves paste on the affected area
  • The beauty industry also uses licorice in manufacturing of face packs, face masks. Licorice works as an amazing facial cleanser and it antibacterial and moisturizing properties leaves the skin smooth and shiny
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