Sesbania / Agathi / Gaach – Munga / August Tree / Humming Bird Tree Seeds Pack of 7.5 kg


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  • It’s perennial/multi-cut legume fodder tree crop and Use for fodder crop (Pure crop) and Fodder Tree crop (boundary/waste land/fence)
  • Its extremely fast growth rate, especially during the first three to four years.
  • It can be planted very densely at the rate of 3000 plants per ha.The tree provides FORAGE, pulp and paper, FOOD, GREEN MANURE and LANDSCAPE DECORATION.
  • It also has potential for REFORESTING ERODED LAND AND GRASSY WATELANDS . Agati – Sesbania grandiflora leaves could be used as HERBAGE FOR GROWING GOATS.

Germination Tips:

Agathi seeds have hard skin, so below steps needs to be performed for better germination.

Boil water to 100 degree celcious in a container Allow it to cool down to 80 degree celcious

Soak the seeds in the hot water for 2 to 3 minutes

Replace the hot water with cold water and leave it for 12 hours

Drain the water and leave the soaked seeds in a wet cloth in a dark place for another 12 hours.

End of 24 hours, you would see the germination.

Now directly sow it in the pot or location.

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1/2 Kg, 1 Kg, 2 Kg, 5 Kg, 500 number of seeds


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