Shakarakand /Bhumichakrai Kilangu Powder Pack of 1 Kg


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1 . Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

-With a medium to high glycemic index (44-96), they are a preferred option for the diabetics when taken in moderation.

-Manganese in the Shakarakand help in metabolizing the carbohydrates, thereby maintain the sugar levels and avoid sugar spikes.

2 . Aid Digestion

-Rich in both soluble fiber (15-23%) such as pectin and insoluble fiber (77-85%) such as cellulose and lignin, they decrease the food intake and aids digestion.

-It is recommended to consume close to 21-38 grams of fiber a day to keep major disease conditions at bay.

3 . Promote Heart Health

-Rich in Vitamin B6, it helps reduce the homocysteine in the body that found to be linked with diseases such as heart attacks.

-The potassium of sweet potato helps in lowering the blood pressure by maintaining the fluid balance.

4 . Boost Immunity

-Rich in anti-inflammatory compounds such as anthocyanides and choline, sweet potatoes have been found to boost immunity and helps fight disease.

-Iron in the fruit also helps in providing resistance to stress, increases red and white cells production and regulates immune functioning

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