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  • Amazing Health Benefits of Senna Leaves / Nilavarai / Sonamukhi Powder :

    Senna Leaves / Nilavarai / Sonamukhi Powder is used as a stimulant laxative in traditional medicine. The senna plant may cause nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Though senna has widely been used in the treatment of constipation, there is no research supporting its use in the management of chronic constipation.


    • Treatment of Skin Infections:

    Senna Leaves / Nilavarai / Sonamukhi Powder can help in treating skin ailments due to its anti-bacterial properties. For the treatment of skin infections like acne as well as inflammatory conditions like eczema use the powder made from Senna leaves as it is very effective.


    • Treatment for Stomach Problem:

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome is characterized by chronic stomach ache. Senna Leaves / Nilavarai / Sonamukhi Powder is accompanied by abnormal bowel habits (diarrhea, constipation, or both). The pain often begins after eating and subsides after a bowel movement.


    • For Strong Hair & Conditioner:

    Senna Leaves / Nilavarai / Sonamukhi Powder extracts can be applied topically to get smooth, shiny, and strong hair. You can add other ingredients like citrus juice, essential oils herbal teas, spices etc. Senna leaves are very useful not only in providing shine to the hair but also in strengthening and thickening your hair. It minimizes the adverse impacts of chemical treatments.


    • For Hair Loss:

    Senna Leaves / Nilavarai / Sonamukhi Powder is that it not only beautifies your hair but also improves scalp condition and treats dandruff. It is well known for combating hair loss, as it is an excellent conditioning herb. It cannot lighten naturally dark hair but will definitely provide deep conditioning.


    • Reduce Weight Loss:

    Senna Leaves / Nilavarai / Sonamukhi Powder helps relieve occasional constipation which often occurs in low fiber weight loss diets. It helps to boost your fluid intake as it is low on calorie and got a flavourful solution. Drinking more fluids causes you to eat less. Senna leaf tea helps in eliminating toxins and undigested food from the body. Thus, it supports proper nutrient absorption and optimal metabolism, resulting in weight loss.


    • Treatment of Indigestion:

    Senna Leaves / Nilavarai / Sonamukhi Powder is effective in providing relief from heartburn, nausea, gas, and belching associated with dyspepsia. To diminish the buildup of gas in the stomach, you can use Senna with aromatic herbs like cardamom, fennel, ginger and peppermint as it has strong purgative actions.

    How to use Senna Leaves / Nilavarai / Sonamukhi Powder :


    For constipation:

    For general constipation, the usual dose of Senna Leaves / Nilavarai / Sonamukhi Powder is 17.2 mg daily. Don’t take more than 34.4 mg twice daily. In elderly people, 17 mg daily has been used. For constipation following pregnancy, 28 mg in 2 divided doses has been used.

    For bowel preparation:

    Doses of Senna Leaves / Nilavarai / Sonamukhi Powder containing 75 mg or sennosides taken the day before colonoscopy, or 120-150 mg taken once or twice the day before colonoscopy, have been used.

    For General use:

    5 Grams of Senna Leaves / Nilavarai / Sonamukhi Powder can be mixed with hot water and drink it twice a day.

    May Help Relieve Constipation:

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