Krishna / Shyama / Purple / Black Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum) Seeds Pack of Half Kg


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Krisha Tulsi

Krisha Tulsi is also known as ‘Shyama Tulsi’, ‘Kala Tulsi’, ‘karun Thulasi’, ‘Ocimum Tenuiflorum’ , ‘Purple Tulsi’, the Purple leaf Tulsi is famous for its peppery, crisp taste. Krishna Tulsi is the right medicinal Tulsi as it has more potency.

Although it is grown in many regions in India, it is relatively more difficult to find than the green varietals. Compared to the other species of Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi takes a longer time to grow. It is believed that this is the reason for its spicy and crispier flavour. The leaves are less bitter as compared to other types. The parts of Tulsi generally used are leaves, flowers, seeds, stems and dried roots.

Medical use:

1. This variety is more useful in curing lungs problems.

2. This Tulsi is consumed as Herbal Tea.

3. This Tulsi is known to be beneficial to treat throat infections, respiratory system, nasal lesions, earache and skin diseases.

4. This Tulsi helps in curing Malaria.

5. This Tulsi is very effective against indigestion, headache, hysteria, insomnia and cholera.

6. This is also believed that the aqueous extract of leaves taken with honey for 6 months expels kidney stones.

7. This Tulsi Leaves, when chewed, relieve mouth ulcers and infections.

8. This Tulsi Leaf extract is effective to treat skin disorders like ringworm etc.

9. This Tulsi Dried leaf powder is used for brushing the teeth. In the preparation of toothpaste for dental health.

10. This Tulsi Leaves are used to treat sore eyes and night-blindness.


1. Krishna Tulsi seeds germinate after a while, so be patient once you sow them!

2. The seeds are mainly sown in the spring season.

3. They are watered from time to time and germinated in one to two weeks.

4. Tulsi prefers rich soil for its growth.

5. It requires full sunlight.

6. It is mainly grown in the temperate climate.

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