Vetiver Roots (Camel Grass)


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  1. Vallarai protects brain cells and rejuvenates them. It helps to improve memory and concentration span.
  2. Vallarai has calming effect on brain during mental stress and anxiety and found to be useful in the treatment of Insomnia, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. Vallarai a blood purifier, used for treating high blood pressure and said to promote longevity.
  4. Consumption of Vallarai improves voice and complexion.
  5. Vallarai improves immunity and helps relieve high temperature in adults and kids as well.
  6. Vallarai promotes faster healing of wounds. It can be applied on open wounds to accelerate healing process.
  7. According to Ayurveda, Vallarai has cooling effect on body because of which it pacifies Pitta and relieves hyperacidity, ulcers, diarrhoea and dysentery.
  8. Vallarai is recommended for the treatment of various skin conditions such as leprosy, lupus, varicose ulcers, eczema, psoriasis and cellulite. It is very effective in treatment of acne and pimples as well.
  9. Vallarai increases the production of collagen thereby keeping the skin healthy and youthful.
  10. Vallarai is also known to promote hair growth and reduce hair fall.
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