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  • According to Ayurveda, Vetiver has sweet, fresh, soothing and pleasant properties. It is used to prepare Khus syrup and Khus oil. In Indian markets, vetiver is also available in the form of aromatic fibrous roots.
  • In summers, a bunch of fresh Vetiver roots is put in the earthen pot (Matka) to keep household drinking water cool and fragrant. This water is very useful to cure urinary disorders that may occur in summers.
  • Khus syrup is a trendy summer cold drink in South Asia. This dark green syrup with woody flavour reduces burning in the stomach that occurs in summers due to ‘Pitta.’ It is also used to flavour Lassi, milkshakes, yogurt and icecreams.
  • Vetiver is used to cure summer-related skin diseases. Fresh Vetiver roots are added to daily bathing water to get rid of sun rashes.
  • Vetiver oil is used in various herbal skin care products like soap, face wash and other creams. It is used for its antiseptic properties to treat acne and sores.
  • In perfumes, Vetiver essential oil is a significant ingredient present in 90% of western perfumes. In India, it is famous as ‘Khus attar,’ a traditionally concentrated perfume primarily used by men.
  • Vetiver in a cooler: In India, instead of straw or wood, dry roots of Vetiver are used in evaporative coolers. Vetiver root padding also counters the odour caused due to the growth of algae and microorganisms in such coolers
  • Vetiver curtains: Mats made by weaving vetiver roots and binding them with ropes or cords are used in India to cool rooms in a house during summer. The mats are typically hung in doorways, windows as curtains. These are kept moist by spraying with water periodically; they cool the passing air, as well as emit a fresh aroma.
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