Tulsi Leaves Powder

Other Uncommon Names of This Herb: Maiyarika, Babultulsi, Tulasa, Tulasi, Babri, Bhutulsi, Tirunapatchi, Sabza, Manjari, Krishna Tulsi, Trittavu, Tulshi and Thulsi. “Nature’s most powerful gift to support: Body Wellness” It is written in epics that Tulsi is known for its medicinal value. Compared to all other fruits or leaf juices, half leaf of tulsi is equal to all other medicated fruits and leaves. Tulsi is like a soul in the body of India.

Tulsi is worshiped like a mother in all religions. It is a religious practice to pour water on tulsi plant. Due to its healing powers tulsi water is given to a person before death. It is said that Tulsi protects from sudden death. Tulsi is disease resistant. It has world’s best anti-oxidant, anti aging, anti-bacterial, anti – septic, anti-viral, anti-flu , anti-biotic , anti – inflammatory, and anti-disease properties. Benefits of Tulsi powder are stated as follows – Tulsi is also considered as a stress reliever in Ayurveda.

This is due to its strong aroma and astringent properties, along with the adaptogen that is present on its leaves. Based on studies, it has been proven that its aroma property helps in lengthening the life of a person. When a person is stress free, his immune system becomes healthier, too, and there is a small possibility for free radicals to occur. As we all know, free radicals create toxins in our body, and this toxins might lead and become a major ailment in the future. This characteristic is the reason why they called Tulsi as the elixir of life.

Health benefit for Diabetic People: Tulsi is considered as one of the best plants that possess anti-oxidant qualities. The reason behind this, it has high amount of Eugenol that helps in reducing the amount of glucose in type 2 diabetics. You can trust Tulsi to help in diabetes management in becoming active each day. It helps in killing the cells that help in producing excessive glucose inside your body. Features of Tulsi Powder: 100% natural No added preservative Controls sugar level Reduces obesity Circulate Blood pressure Have anti-oxidants qualities Increases stamina and maintain the energy levels Recommended For: Improving body wellness Improves immunity Controlling sugar levels Improves digestion Circulate high blood pressure Curing cold & cough How to Use: Add a tea-spoon of “Tulsi powder” to a glass of water and drink in early morning. Drink twice a day. Use regularly for better results.