Tulsi Seeds (CIM-Ayu)

The new variety of Tulsi has a higher aromatic compound compared to other varieties. It will provide aromatic compound required by perfume, incense and aroma industries in abundance within a short duration. CIM-Ayu has 83 % of Eugenol which is usually extracted from cloves and has high extraction cost as it’s not available in bulk.

Soil and Climate:
The plant is sufficiently hardy and it can be grown on any type of soil except the ones with highly saline, alkaline or waterlogged conditions. However, sandy loam soil with good organic matter is considered ideal. The crop has a wide adaptability and can be grown successfully in tropical and sub-tropical climates. Long days with high temperature have been found favourable for plant growth and oil production.

The first harvest is done after 90 days of planting and subsequently, it may be harvested at every 75 days interval. The crop is harvested at full bloom stage by cutting the plants at 15 cm from ground level to ensure good regeneration for further harvests. The yield and oil content is more in plants harvested during bring sunny days. On an average, tulsi gives about 10,000 kgs of fresh herbage per hectare per year.