In year, 2016-17 , I brought ODC 3 Moringa seeds from Indian Agri Farm  to  plant  in our 70 acres of Land near Aurangabad , Bihar. After 7 months of sowing, I got very good Production and market price as many farmers not used to do this moringa cultivation in our state.  Again, in 2017-18 I brought seeds from them for my another 40 acres, Now I reached around 120 acres of Moringa Cultivation in Bihar.

This moringa cultivation is very new for our state so I was little worried about my decision  but Mr Raj of Indian Agri Farm , continuously encouraged me and given continuously tips about the cultivation, we followed all the instructions given by them , finally we got good production and good price in the market.
I really enjoy working with Indian Agri Farm.   I have been very pleased to have 120 acres of Moringa Cultivation.

Satyendra Kumar
Agriculturist, Aurangabad, Bihar.
I brough ODC3 moringa seeds form Indian Agri Farm to compare PKM1 variety. I found that the PKM variety takes time for flowering after purning but ODC flowers early n grow along with flowering. PKM has disadvantage like it doesn't grow as fast as odc. I spary Panchgavya regularry to my plants due to that I am getting year around yiled expect heavy rainy season. Thanks,
Suvendra Nanda (BCCI)
I brought seeds from indian Agri farm, Production good , I receomanded to many farmers.
Ramdas R. Kakad
Akola, Maharashtra
Good result , reccommanded to many farmers,
B N Girase
Education Officer , Maharashtra
"I heard of the company through though internet. I decided to try them out. My order was processed quickly and planted. I am very pleased with everything!. Yield started in 6 months and we got good production. Thanks
Onkar naik
Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh.
"I've ordered ODC3 Moringa seeds from  Indian Agri Farm in 2017. Those seeds have a high germination rate and provide good yields.
Dr Arun Bisalere
Univeristy of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, , Karnadaka,

I brought seeds from Indian Agri Farm for doing intercropping in my Dragon plants field. I got good production.


I brough this ODC3 moringa seeds from Indian Agri Farm in 2018 , planeted in 10 acreas , got good result . again I planted in 20 acres now I have 30 acres. 2019 November . december unseasonal time I got good yield.. Now in April 2020, I have planned to extent in another 20 acres. Thanks

Bansilal Sankhala
I have seen , this vareity in internet and ordered seeds here for my farming Father. He planted and said good result he got . once again I ordered for my fathers neighboring farmers.
Atul Ramdas Mandage
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
I have taken 2 kg seeds from Indian Agri Farm to develope my 4 acre plot. I have received good result, after 2 years I have recommanded 20 farmers from my district to visit Indian Agri Farm. They have visited in Febraruy 2020, taken seeds for 40 acres.
Kiran Rudgi
Hubli , Karnadaka
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