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We understand Quality and make sure our farmers get values for their produce.
Indian Agri Farm
We believe in the future of bring quality and freshness direct from farms to retail store.
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In year, 2016-17 , I brought ODC 3 Moringa seeds from Indian Agri Farm  to  plant  in our 70 acres of Land near Aurangabad , Bihar. After 7 months of sowing, I got very good Production and market price as many farmers not used to do this moringa cultivation in our state.  Again, in 2017-18 I brought seeds from them for my another 40 acres, Now I reached around 120 acres of Moringa Cultivation in Bihar.

This moringa cultivation is very new for our state so I was little worried about my decision  but Mr Raj of Indian Agri Farm , continuously encouraged me and given continuously tips about the cultivation, we followed all the instructions given by them , finally we got good production and good price in the market.
I really enjoy working with Indian Agri Farm.   I have been very pleased to have 120 acres of Moringa Cultivation.

Satyendra Kumar
Agriculturist, Aurangabad, Bihar.
"I heard of the company through though internet. I decided to try them out. My order was processed quickly and planted. I am very pleased with everything!. Yield started in 6 months and we got good production. Thanks..
Onkar naik
Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh.
"I've ordered ODC3 Moringa seeds from  Indian Agri Farm in 2017. Those seeds have a high germination rate and provide good yields.
Dr Arun Bisalere
Univeristy of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, , Karnadaka,

I brought seeds from Indian Agri Farm for doing intercropping in my Dragon plants field. I got good production.

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