African Tall Fodder Maize Seed - 1 Kg - Fodder Maize - Makka (Zea Mays) Fodder Seeds

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  • vikram


    It is very useful for fodder goat and cows are very love to eat this grass.all seeds are growing in few farm showing very greeny.small quantity of seeds but give more yield.



    I buy 5kgs after I filter It became 2.5kgs It is scame

  • Praglathan


    All seeds are germinated within a cattles are like to eat this fodder grass. My farm cattles are enjoying to eat this grass. Already i cut one time fodder. Now it growing another time cutting also growing.

  • African Tall MAize Crop is Best cereal crop for green fodder. Ideal for silage making. Grown in summer and kharif season.
  • African tall maize/Fodder maize is green fodder, having more dry matter, crude protein content and number of leaves/plant
  • African tall maize/Fodder maize seed Highly uses for green fodder, silage, maize flour and etc
  • African tall maize/Fodder maize seed can be cultivated easily between temp 15 to 40°C, provided irrigation facilities.
  • African tall maize/Fodder maize is Good fodder to cow, buffalo, goat & sheep and Good for medium soil land