Hedge Lucerne Seed - 1 Kg - Velimasal - Desmanthus Fodder Seed

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(19 reviews)
  • PremSai


    Seed quality is good, all seed germinated in 5days, goat loves eating, body weight of goat improved after intake of velimalsa. Seed treated in hot water giving better germination that untreated seeds

  • Vimal


    Good product,

  • Anish Kumar


    Package is not good

  • Hedge Lucerne Grass seeds for Sheep, Rabbits, Goat, Cattle,Dairy (Desmanthus virgatus) . Having rich in protein (20-22 %)
  • Hedge lucerne is good green fodder to goat, cow, sheep, rabbit & poultry also increase the weight gain and improves productivity of milk yield
  • Hedge lucerne First cut on 90th day after sowing at 50 cm height and subsequent cuts at intervals of 40 days at the same height
  • Hedge lucerne tall, fast growing, heat loving summer and annual grasses can smother weeds and seed cost is modest.
  • Hedge lucerne perennial green fodder crop having multicut in nature comes up 3-3.5 years