Indian Agri Farm Drumstick / Moringa Seeds Variety ODC3 for Plantation

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4.47 out of 5.0
(111 reviews)
  • Lokesh Reddy D


    I have bought this by seeing the reviews , Seed germination is fine 90% germinated

    Variation : 1Kg
  • Subrata Mitra


    As suggested in product cover , I didnt use cocopit this time, that affected my germination last time, got full germination this time fruits from all plants also harvested in 4month again started flowering ,yield was amazing, thinking to use IAgri Farm ODC3 to my 10Acre plot this month. Good seed .

    Variation : 1Kg
  • Synanda


    followed the instructions on the cover. soaked the seeds overnight and sowed. i can see 98% of the seeds got germinated.

    Variation : 1Kg
  • ODC3 Moringa is a Pure line selection developed by continuous selfing for six generations with the local variety
  • ODC3 Moringa was released in the year 2017 by Indian Agri Farm
  • ODC3 Moringa n each generation, we observed different characteristic of plants Flowering season, fertilizer application, water requirement, fruit set, taste, size, weight and yield but only desirable characters are selected and advanced
  • Odc3 Moringa Yield starts in 6 months; Any time cultivation accordingly market observation.; Require less water and fertiliser
  • ODC3 Moringa is Good for medium soil land