Moringa Cultivation Guide (Hindi)



As far as drumstick cultivation is concerned, the production is not a matter or issue, one can get good yield if who  follows the proper schedule of water, fertilizer and pest control without full knowledge.  One can easily get abandoned yield in March and April in South Indian States, but gives only 5 -10 Rs per kg in the market but the same pods can be sold in November to February for at least  50 Rs Per kg.

How much yield one is getting in November to February is the matter. Getting yield in March & April doesn’t help farmers economically. Keeping this in mind and the extra profits that could be given to the farmers the off season production.  A study was conducted at our farm to induce off season flowering and pod set during November to February. The recommended treatments  to induce flowering and pod setting of moringa has been included in this Book.

The book also covers all aspects viz., soil, water, climate, propagation, varieties, the establishment of a garden, pruning, pest and disease, nutrition, Off Season Production, etc.  It is sincerely hoped that this book will prove helpful to moringa growers and extension .


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