Indian Agri Farm Drumstick / Moringa Seeds Variety ODC3 for Plantation

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(111 reviews)
  • Naba Kumar Das


    95% of seeds germinated in 8 days. Germination started in 5 days. I was used 1100 seeds in my farm directly, about 5 % seeds not germinated, may be the rain. I am recomenting to farmers to use the same in your farm.

    Variation : 1Kg
  • Anil jivan rajas


    Till now its good. Lets see how is yield.

    Variation : 1Kg
  • Vicky


    Good Product

    Variation : 1Kg
  • ODC3 Moringa is a Pure line selection developed by continuous selfing for six generations with the local variety
  • ODC3 Moringa was released in the year 2017 by Indian Agri Farm
  • ODC3 Moringa n each generation, we observed different characteristic of plants Flowering season, fertilizer application, water requirement, fruit set, taste, size, weight and yield but only desirable characters are selected and advanced
  • Odc3 Moringa Yield starts in 6 months; Any time cultivation accordingly market observation.; Require less water and fertiliser
  • ODC3 Moringa is Good for medium soil land